Dress Up Your Ears | Earrings from SOPHIESCLOSET.COM

Dress Up Your Ears | Earrings from SOPHIESCLOSET.COM

Posted by Sophie's Closet on 1st Nov 2023

With so many styles of ear adornments now in fashion, it can get a little confusing as to what’s called what. From the most recent ear jackets, as seen on many celebrities including Rihanna, Rita Ora and Reese Witherspoon, to ear wires and ear cuffs, as seen on Marilyn Monroe and Carmen Miranda, we are here to help define and clarify.

Ear Jackets

Also known as lobe earrings, this type of earring usually consists of a small stud in front with all the party going on in the back. With adjustable backs these fit ears of all shapes and sizes and can be worn with any other stud earrings that have a post back!

Ear Cuffs

These have to be one of our favourite types of ear accessories as they come in so many variations. From pretty punk to glam, post backs to clips, you name it and someone has designed it! Ear Cuffs sit on either the lobe (bottom soft part) of the ear, or up on the helix (upper hard part) and travel up or down the outer edge of the ear, this means the same pair of cuffs could be worn in many different ways.

Ear Wires

Similar to the ear cuff this travels up the ear but the person wearing them has to have a pierced earlobe. The reason for this is the wire goes through the whole and secures behind the antihelical fold to hold the cuff in place. These are usually smaller in size compared to the ear cuff and have a more dainty feminine feel.

Wrap Around Ear Cuffs

These were the first type of ear cuffs ever seen back in 2000 BC but back then these were called KAFFAS (click here to find out more about the history of the ear cuff). They sit simply around the top of your ear and hang like an ornament.

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