Caring for Costume Jewelry

Wouldn’t it be great if everything lasted forever? Below are a few tips to help your jewelry stand the test of time

1. Store your jewelry in an air tight bag, padded box or soft pouch
2. Avoid contact with water, lotion, perfume, hairspray or other harsh chemicals
3. Never wear your jewelry in the bath, bed, or when exercising
4. Do not throw or drop jewelry onto hard surfaces
5. Use a soft dry cloth to clean and polish
6. Put your jewelry on last when getting ready

If your jewelry has tarnished, you can restore its natural shine by polishing with a polishing cloth. Never use
solvents or harsh chemicals to clean your jewelry.

All jewelry should be treated with love and utmost care. Costume jewelry can certainly last for many many years
with proper care. There are many vintage costume jewelry pieces that have been passed from generation to
generation, and many that are displayed in museums all over the world!