Welcome to Sophie’s Closet, a world you’ll discover all things rare & pretty

In a faraway land, there is a magical place called Sophie’s Closet. In this land, jewels and accessories roam free and there is plenty for everyone. Its founder Sophie Katirai is an ambassador for all sparkly things that women all over the world dream of.

Sophie was always a dreamer herself. As a little girl, she played with her mother’s precious jewels while dreaming of a day when it would be her time to collect such pretty things. That day finally came. Tiaras, headbands, earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets and rings all arrived at Sophie’s doorstep sparkling in crystals and pearls. Sophie was ecstatic! “I must share this beauty with others,” she exclaimed! And thus, Sophie’s Closet was born.

At Sophie’s Closet, Sophie selects the finest costume jewelry in the world. “Glamour doesn’t need to be expensive,” proclaims Sophie, “I can hand-pick gorgeously luxe pieces for all budgets!” And she does. Sophie hand-selects each and every item in Sophie’s Closet; things that she personally loves and covets, exquisitely pretty things that she dreamed about as a little girl.

But Sophie has an adventurous side! She is a treasure hunter that has developed an eye for rare and divine vintage. She knows Sophie’s Closet would not be a magical place in a faraway land without having some rare and precious heirlooms. On her worldly expeditions, her sharp eye examines every item in fine detail, always searching for the finest craftsmanship and condition. From silvers and golds to pearls and crystals, Sophie’s selections always twinkle.

Sophie’s Closet has become a place where stylish women all over the world gather to fulfill their own dreams of all things rare and sparkly.